Ginger Skirt Tutorial!

The amazing Kaitlin is back…with a much-anticipated tutorial on how she created a darling tube dress, skirt and poncho all-in-one from the Ginger Dress!


Hello again! To start on this Ginger Dress modification, you will need the Ginger Dress pattern. You will need less fabric than what it calls for in the Ginger Dress, but I would still purchase off that chart just to be sure. This is super simple, quick and amazing since it can be worn as a tube top dress or skirt!

Lay your fabric out then the Ginger dress pattern piece on top. Starting at the bottom center of the dress follow the pattern and cut all the way around until you get to the top of the under arm seam. Instead of following the pattern up from here, you will cut straight across, this will be your waist of the skirt. After you cut once piece of the skirt out, cut an identical piece. You now have the front and back of the skirt!


To construct sew it together the same way you would sew the ginger up. If you wanted to add trim, you could cut (4) 5 times the width of fabric strips to attach for the bottom trim. You may need to shorten (or lengthen) the main skirt depending on height, to keep the trim off the ground or from having it too short if you decide to not use trim.  On mine I made without the trim I added maybe an inch to the bottom of the dress to give it a little more length. (I am 5ft 9in)

For the waistband I cut mine 3in x 29in but basically you need it a few inches smaller than the waist if the skirt to help bring it in. Attach the waistband similar to how you would attach the neck binding. You could make it thicker to have it as a fold over yoga type waistband. To finish up you may choose to hem around the bottom of the skirt, I didn’t but I’m impatient 🙂 BAM. Awesome dress/skirt, done!



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