Ginger Cloak Pattern Mash!

Today on the blog, one of our awesome testers, Kaitlin Howton, explains how she created a pattern mash that’s to die for!  Follow along as she walks you through it step-by-step to achieve this amazing garment!  Here she is…

KH 1

Alrighty, things you will need. Patterns I used are The Ginger Dress pattern and The Classic Cloak pattern.  I started with the same fabric amount that is called for in The Ginger Dress.

So first, I laid the fabric out and then my ginger pattern piece on top. I cut out the skirt portion of the dress from the bottom center fold, all the way around to the top right corner of the pattern piece.

I’m going to try to explain this next step clearly since this is where my experiment came in to play. Instead of following the Ginger Dress from there on up, I created my own straight line up to right above the under arm point on the Ginger Dress (top of the side seam) it now connects again about half way up the armscye. I was thinking a straight seam to the neck like on the Effortless Cowl Poncho.

photo 1

I grabbed the Classic Cloak front pattern piece and replaced it with the Ginger pattern. I used the cloak to cut the front neckline. You now have your front piece cut. I took that piece and cut out an identical one but narrowed the back neckline. It’s similar to the back neckline on the Ginger, which using that one could work, but I made mine a little wider to help get the off the shoulder look.

photo 2

Next I needed to figure where to put the armholes. For this I took my front fabric piece and laid it out, but kept it folded, I put the front cloak pattern and matched the top neckline point of the fabric and the pattern piece (I’m using the placement marks for the armholes). I turned the pattern piece to where it runs parallel with the new front piece we just cut and marked the top placement of the arm hole…it’s should be about 2”-3” down. Then I turned the pattern piece and marked the bottom armhole placement so the armhole is now perpendicular to the shoulder seam similar to the classic cloak.

photo 3

I cut a slit through the layers from the top point to the bottom point.

photo 4

To construct the tunic, I sewed the top shoulder seams, then hemmed all the way around the bottom of the tunic. To figure the neckband, I cut a 2” strip that was 80% length of the neck hole. To figure the arm hole, I measured the hole and cut that length by 2” and then attached both the neckband and armhole bands as usual. Tada!

KH 2


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