FREE Ginger Snap 18″ Doll Dress Tutorial

Hello G&G fans! Since the Ginger Dress and Ginger Snap dress has been such a fun release, one of our wonderful testers, Natashia Saurey has put together a fun and free 18” doll Ginger Dress tutorial for you! Follow along with Natashia’s steps and you will have cute matching dolly dress for your little…and a great scrap buster project too! How sweet it that? Here she is!

Doll 1

This tutorial is based off the knowledge of the original Ginger Snap Dress…with just a few minor adjustments!

NOTE: Depending on the stretch of your fabric and because of the tiny size of the dress, you may need to adjust just a little bit. You may have to cut some of the trim off after you line it up.

What you will need:

The Ginger Snap Doll Pieces

3/8” Velcro, 7.5” long (or cut a 3/4″ piece in half like I did!)


Step 1: Sew the bodice and attach the sleeves to the bodice the same as you would in the Ginger Snap pattern, except the back bodice will be split instead of all one piece!  Don’t sew the sleeve and side seams together just yet!

Step 2: Fold neck band in half. Place it with raw edges together along the neck and pin. Sew together and then topstitch if you wish!

Neckband Photo

Step 3: You can hem or add the sleeve bands now. If hemming, hem them the same as in the pattern. If adding arm bands, fold them in half widthwise. Then align raw edges on right side of the sleeve and sew. It’s much easier to do this now then try later!

Arm Band Photo

Step 5: Sew the sleeve and side seams just like the pattern.

Side Seam Photo

Step 6: Fold back bodice piece in .5″ and then another .5″ and pin. Sew 1/8″ down on inside fold. Repeat with other back bodice piece.

Back Bodice 1

Step 7: Attach front trim just like the main Ginger pattern.

Step 8: Attach both back trim pieces to each bodice piece.

Back Bodice 2

Step 9: Attach side trim pieces.

Step 10:  Hem the trim if using woven. If using knit, you don’t have to.

Step 11: Sew Velcro strips on back bodice pieces. Sew one strip to the inside and one to the outside of the back bodice pieces. When you overlap you will be able to see where to sew each one.

velcro photo 1

velcro photo 2

All done! Put it on your doll and give to your little girly and watch her face light up!

Doll 2


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