FREE Circle Vest Sleeve Add-On!

Hey everyone!

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving (and Black Friday!) with your families. The #ggstyle sewing contest was a HUGE success. I felt so inspired by everyone’s creativity that I wanted to say THANK YOU by providing all George and Ginger fans/followers with a FREE sleeve add-on for the circle vest pattern. I’m pretty sure most of you have an abundance of fleece from last week’s Joann sale, but if you don’t, I will show you how I upcycle old blankets, sheets, and thrift store finds into adorable, one of a kind pieces of clothing.

The G&G circle vest works best with fabric that is 58″-60″ wide. I’m a bargain shopper and am aware that on every other day of the year that is NOT Black Friday, knit and fleece fabric may be a bit pricey. I go to Goodwill AT LEAST twice a week after I drop the kids off at school and look for blankets, sheets, tablecloths, old clothing, and basically anything else that I can up cycle and turn into cute outfits for my kids and myself. There are many benefits to recycling old clothing and linens. Here are a few:

– Up cycling is good for the environment! These are items that would have otherwise found their way into a landfill, and you’re giving them a “second chance”.

– Most blankets and sheets are MUCH WIDER than 60 inches and longer than one yard. You can easily get 2-3 projects out of a twin size sheet, and even more with a full, queen, or king.

– Most old sheets, blankets, linens, etc. cost less than one yard of fabric at a specialty fabric store.

– When you sew a garment out of an old blanket, you are making a one of a kind outfit that NO ONE else has, versus using store bought fabric that is readily available for anyone to purchase.

Today, I’ll be showing you how to turn your circle vest into a super cute cardigan in a few simple steps. I made mine out of this BEAUTIFUL, double-sided blanket from goodwill, and $1/yard knit fabric from Walmart for the sleeves. This entire circle cardigan cost me less than $4 total to make!

First, you will need to download and sew the circle vest pattern HERE. Second, you will have to download the free sleeve add on. You can find the sleeve template HERE.

I am not adding a lining to my vest, only because the blanket was double sided and very thick. Once you cut the vest and sleeves out, your pile should look like this. Dahlia didn’t want to move off of my cutting mat, so she’s making an appearance today on the blog. (seriously…could you say no to that sweet face?)


Anyway, once you have your pieces cut, you are going to sew or serge down the straight, raw edges of the sleeve. Make sure you have it folded with the right sides together. Repeat with the second sleeve.

Flannel PJ Set-Model

Next, pin your sleeve around the armhole of the vest, with the right sides of both the sleeve and cardigan facing each other. Start pinning at the bottom of the armhole, making sure the seam on the sleeve is in the center at the bottom of the armhole, pinning all the way up to the shoulder. Sew and repeat with the second sleeve.

Flannel PJ Set-Model2

… And you’re done! How easy was that? After completion, I ended up taking the fringe from the blanket and sewing it to the outside perimeter of my circle cardigan. That step is completely optional, but very easy to do.

I already have all of my friends and family asking for circle vests and cardigans for Christmas, and yours will be too. I’m so excited to see everyone’s circle vest -turned cardigans! You guys are amazing…

Now, go to Goodwill…buy all the blankets, and #sewallthethings




  1. lorilidesign · March 10, 2016

    Hi, the link for the cape does Not work, however the sleeve link does work.


  2. Dolly · March 28, 2016

    Keep these arlcetis coming as they’ve opened many new doors for me.


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